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NAVEMS is dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary prehospital care by providing comprehensive educational programs and fostering a strong community of professionals. Our curriculum, designed by industry leaders, equips practitioners with the latest knowledge and techniques to enhance their expertise. Through networking opportunities, practitioners are able to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborate with their peers to advance the profession.

Join us in our pursuit of excellence in veterinary prehospital care.

Keeping Communities Safe

  1. Proper basic life support treatment ensures first responders are equipped to handle emergency situations involving humans and animals in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
  2. Proper animal handling is crucial for community safety, first responders who are trained in this area are able to safely and effectively handle and transport animals in emergency situations.
  3. Training in proper animal handling helps to prevent further injuries to first responders and the public.
  4. Community service helps to increase public trust and confidence in first responders, when they are able to effectively handle emergency situations involving animals, it demonstrates their commitment to the community and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure safety.
  5. Community service for first responders being trained in proper basic life support treatment and proper animal handling is critical for effectively and efficiently handling emergency situations, saving lives and preventing injuries.

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Who is NAVEMS?

NAVEMS serves providers of veterinary prehospital care with the knowledge, information, and inspiration to enable them to be the best in their profession. We deliver focused educational programs and build strong networks to enable you to collaborate with your fellow VEMS professionals.

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